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-- all serial number ranges approximate --
"King" Models
s/n 50xxx to 110xxx; 1916 to late 1929

Voll-True Models
Voll-True: s/n 110xxx to 1452xx; 1929 to 1932
Voll-True II: s/n 1452xx to 180xxx; 1932 to 1935

Zephyr Models
Zephyr "I":
s/n 180xxx to 272xxx; 1935 to 1945
Military Zephyrs:
s/n 240xxx to 272xxx; 1940 to 1945
Zephyr Special:
s/n 200xxx to 272xxx; 1937 to 1945
Zephyr "II": s/n 272xxx to 511xxx (or later); 1945 to 1975
Super 20 & Silver-Sonic Models
Super 20:
s/n 272xxx to ca. 800xxx; 1945 to 1998
s/n 305xxx to ca. 800xxx; 1949 to 1998
Super 21 Silver-Sonic Models
s/n 731xxx to ca. 736xxx; 1995 to 1996

Please note that there are a few stencils with the "King" name on them that were not made by the HN White Company:
- Pre-1916 Kings are Kohlert or Evette & Schaeffer stencils
- The King Tempo is a Keilwerth stencil
- The King Lemaire is a Kohlert or Amati stencil (probably Kohlert). The name is from King's association with SML: Strasser-Marigaux-Lemaire.
- The King Marigaux is an SML stencil
- "The New King" and "Toneking" are model names for a Keilwerth series of horns
- "Recording King" was a model name for a series of stencil horns, mainly made by Martin


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