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CG Conn and CG Conn, LTD. Produced Horns


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"Worcester" Models (Series I and II)
s/n 0 to 32xx; 1888-1898
Wonder Improved
s/n 1 to 41xxx; 1895 to 1917
New Invention
s/n 16xxx to 23xxx; September 1910 to Late 1912
New Wonder (Series I)
s/n 41xxx to 143xxx; 1914 to 1924
New Wonder (Series II)
s/n 143xxx to 237xxx; 1924 to 1930
New Wonder: Artist's Special Finish
s/n 41xxx to 237xxx; 1917 to 1930
New Wonder: Virtuoso Deluxe Finish
s/n 143xxx to 237xxx; 1924 to 1930
22M Conn-O-Sax and 24M F Mezzo Soprano
s/n 209xxx to 237xxx; ca. 1928 to ca. 1930
New Wonder "Transitional"
appx. s/n 237xxx to 263xxx; 1930 to 1935
Artist ("Naked Lady")
s/n ca. 263xxx to P-Prefix Serials; 1935 to 1971
Connqueror 26M and 30M
s/n 263xxx to 309xxx; 1935 to 1943
Connstellation 28M
s/n 330xxx to 345xxx; 1948 to 1952
Director 14M and 16M
s/n 500xxx to U-Prefix Serials; 1955 to 1974?

DJH Modified
s/n 128692 to 221243; 1980 to 1985



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