Buescher Saxophones
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-- all serial number ranges approximate --
True Tone Models
s/n 0 to ca. 2627xx; 1890-1930

Aristocrat Models
New Aristocrat Models: s/n ca. 2627xx to 267xxx; 1932 to 1934
Aristocrat (Series I): s/n 267xxx to 291xxx; 1934 to 1941
Aristocrat "Big B" Models: s/n 291xxx to 355xxx; 1941 to 1955
Aristocrat (Series II -- model 140 alto, etc.): s/n 331xxx to 357xxx; 1951 to 1959
Aristocrat (Series III -- model 141 alto, etc.): s/n 357xxx to 381xxx; 1959 to 1963
Selmer Models: s/n 381xxx and later; 1964 and later

400 Models
"Top Hat and Cane":
s/n 295xxx to ca. 359xxx; 1941 to 1959
s/n 359xxx to ca. 381xxx; 1959 to 1963
Selmer Models:
381xxx and later
Buescher Altos: A "Throughout the Years" Feature

The Selmer Homepage
(The folks that last owned Buescher)
Who Sells (a lot of) Vintage Bueschers?
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