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The SML Rev. D

These horns appeared around s/n 83xx. The name "Lemaire" was dropped from the horns - although on many horns between s/n 83xx and 98xx, Lemaire's name randomly kept popping up. Serial numbers on the neck eventually fizzled out by the early 10xxx's.

The other main feature of this model is that it has all of the adjustment screws, etc. that the Gold Medal has - unlike the Rev. C, which only has a few adjustment screws, if any.

Straight tone holes were again offered on some models.

It appears that at approximately s/n 15000, the Gold Medal was introduced... Sort of.

"Sort of" because we've got a s/n 1505x lacquer alto from eBay with Gold Medal engraving and Fred Cicetti's s/n 1551x lacquer tenor without Gold Medal engraving -- and a 1519x horn WITH the Gold Medal engraving. The only thing I can say is that there's some crossover.

Because baritone and soprano models maintain the Rev. D body-style and do not have the "Gold Medal" engraving, I see no reason to change the "introduction date" for the Gold Medal version of these horns and will consider them introduced at s/n 15600.

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