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The Dolnet Series II

[The pictures from Sax'Melody are from] I think, a French guy who just wanted the world to see the progress he was making in his restoration of an earlier Dolnet tenor; it's a gorgeous sax and I would love to get my hands on it. It has a simple bellbrace, and instead of pearls on the keyguards it looks to have red glass or garnet -- perhaps even red amber -- which was certainly popular with the top-class British and American fishing reel manufacturers as a hardwearing and semi-precious bearing material and decoration back in the '20s -'40s.1

There also appears to be an "intermediate" horn in this series without these "gems", or it could just be that Dolnet wanted to change things for a year or two.

The later horns in this series switch to the "diamond" bell to body brace which is found on virtually all later Dolnets.

Eb Altos

s/n 27xxx

Silver Plate

From eBay

Bb Tenors

s/n Unknown

Silver Plate

From eBay

Eb Baritones (Low Bb)

s/n 3406x

Silver Plate

From eBay

Footnotes & References

  1. Written by guest columnist Laurie Pimblett

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