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The Conn Connstellation 28M

An excellent horn designed with input from Santy Runyon1 (the maker of mouthpieces-o-plenty), but primarily by Hugh Loney, with reference to many Allen Loomis patents. It is possibly the most rare and sought after production Conn. It is also completely different from any other Conn available.

  • Underslung octave key, but no microtuner neck.
  • Straight tone holes
  • "Slick" balanced action. Players have commented that the horn plays like each key had been sprayed with WD-40. That's a good thing :)
  • Almost completely different keywork than any other Conn.
  • And the horn's signature: a large plastic keyguard (patented2) on the LH side of the horn that covers the bell keys and low keyrods. This guard is decorated with gold filigree and the Conn "three marching guys."

As mentioned, this horn is quite rare. Expect to pay at least $2000 US if you can find one of these (and if the seller knows what he has!)

ONLY alto models were produced (patent drawings do suggest a tenor3, but one was never produced). You had your choice of finishes, as long as it was lacquer :)

Oh. These sold new, in 1950, for $382.50. ONE 1950 dollar = 6.80 2006 dollars.4

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