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Buescher Instrument Models

ModelStart #End #
True Tone 1 (1890) 262,700 (1932)
Aristocrat 262,700 (1932) 381,000 (1963)
400 295,000 (1941) 381,000 (1963)

Buescher History

FA Buescher left Conn in 1894 to establish the Buescher Manufacturing Co. This was later restructured as the Buescher Band Instrument Co in 1904. In 1916, FA Buescher sold a major share of his company to six businessmen including Andrew Hubble Beardsley. FA Buescher remained president until 1919 when Beardsley assumed that title. FA Buescher was vice-president and general manager of the company until 21 January 1929, when he resigned these positions, but was retained as a consultant engineer.

In 1926/7 the Buescher Band Instrument Company was joined with the Elkhart Band Instrument Company (some claim that Buescher was bought by the Elkhart Band Instrument Company), a company founded two years previously by Beardsley with Conn's Carl Greenleaf as secretary-treasurer. When Beardsley died in 1936, the Buescher company began using the Elkhart Band Instrument trademark on a line of instruments until 1958.

FA Buescher then founded Art Musical Instruments in 1932 -- they didn't produce their own saxophones, but used Martin stencils.

FA Buescher died in 1937 and was succeded by Harry Pedler, the VP at the time, at Art Musical Instruments. Slightly after this, Art Musical Instruments had a name change to "Harry Pedler and Sons" - and still stenciled Martin instruments.1

The Harry Pedler brassworks were bought by Selmer USA in 1958.2

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